Writer Interview: Mariela Cordero

This week we’re with Mariela Cordero, talking about the joy of writing, and the challenges of being true to yourself as a writer.


When and why did you first start writing?
I started writing when I was 15. It’s very strange, I think I started to write to translate what I saw. I wanted to transform an image into words. I also wanted to create a personal vision of the world around me.
Who is most supportive about your writing?
My sister always encouraged me and helped me to dedicate myself to writing. I will always thank her, always.
What do you enjoy writing, and what do you find yourself writing about most often?
I really enjoy writing, it is very exciting and at the same time it is something transcendental for me. Most of the time I write short poems, but I also like to write prose from time to time.
Where do you write? Do you have a writing space or a particular process/routine?
I like to write with a graphite pencil and on a regular sheet of paper. I usually write late at night or at dawn. Midnight is special to me. Apart from this I have no other rite to write.
What’s your favourite word?
My favorite word is Fadeless. I love this concept. I imagine an eternal flower, a flower that will never wither.
What do you find the most difficult or challenging about writing?
My biggest challenge has been to stay true to myself, and not change to be a more popular or accepted writer. It is also sometimes difficult for me to find time to write.
Tell me about the piece of work that you are most proud of writing, or about the writing accomplishment you are most proud of.
I am very demanding with myself and I do not feel that I have written something so excellent. But I feel very happy writing. Every poem I have written has given me happiness, just for the fact of writing.
What are your writing plans, goals or dreams for the future?


I have many plans, I would like to publish a book of poems in English, also in other languages. I would also like to write short stories and novels.
(Valencia, Venezuela) Lawyer, Poet, Writer and visual artist. Third Prize of Poetry Alejandra Pizarnik Argentina (2014). First Prize at the Second Ibero-American Poetry Contest Euler Granda, Ecuador (2015). Second Prize of Poetry Concorso Letterario Internazionale Bilingüe Tracceperlameta Edizioni, Italy (2015) Micropoemas Prize in Spanish of the III contest TRANSPalabr @ RTE 2015, Spain. First Place in International Poetry Contest #Aniversario PoetasHispanos mention of literary quality, Spain 2016.

Author of the poems “The body of the doubt” Ediciones Publicarte Caracas, Venezuela (2013) Author of the poems “The identical fire” Ediciones Movimiento Poético, Maracaibo (2015).
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