What’s New At Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine?

In December, when I was thinking about how I would spend my time off in those days between Christmas and New Year, I decided that 2017 was going to be a great year for Peeking Cat. On Christmas Eve, I was even sitting in my living room writing a business plan, and in the days that followed after Christmas I was busy working on my ideas. What started out as a small hobby on the side, and publishing a new issue whenever I had enough good quality poems to do so, has turned into a monthly activity that I love and that other people enjoy too. And I want it to be even bigger.

Last year PCPM became a monthly magazine, and it felt so good to be getting people submitting regularly, and reading the magazine, too. In 2016 I released the first Peeking Cat Anthology, and began publishing book reviews in the magazine (please do email me if you have a book you would like me to review). Plus, I started a new literary magazine, The Creative Truth.

So what’s in store for PCPM next? Well, of course I want to continue to be a monthly magazine – I don’t expect that to change, and I hope it doesn’t! There will also be another anthology released in October, and for The Creative Truth a quarterly publication schedule has tentatively been put in place. (So far, so good – the last issue came out in November, and the next one will be out this week.)

You may also have noticed that subscriptions are now available. I might do a video this week talking a little more about the subscriptions, but you can find all the details you need on the subscriptions page if you’re interested. The idea is that regular readers can set up a monthly payment through PayPal so that they don’t have to log into Lulu and go through the checkout process every month.

And finally, you may have already seen the interviews with Lisa Stice and Michael Lee Johnson on the PCP blog. I have a few more of these lined up, and I’d love to be able to post one of these every week, so if you’d like to take part please email me.

And what else for the future? Well, anything could happen. I’d like to maybe do more videos. I’d definitely like to blog more, and I’ll be trying to post a writing-related blog post every week. Maybe one day there will be a Peeking Cat podcast. Or we could experiment with Facebook Live for some kind of online book launch for the anthology. The thought of an online poetry course has also entered my mind. When I ran Blinking Cursor Literary Magazine I published a couple of books of writing tips, one of which is now available to subscribers as a free ebook. Maybe I could publish some similar stand-alone books like this. Maybe we could even have a poetry contest with a cash prize? The world is full of possibilities.

But of course, not too many things at a time! I wouldn’t want to stretch myself too thin, as unfortunately Peeking Cat isn’t my full time job, although I wish it was! I’m also studying part time for my MA Creative Writing, so between work, studying, writing my own poetry,┬ásleeping, and other things life throws in the way, there is only so much time to dedicate to PCP. But I am determined to put that time to good use, and I am very excited about the future, about creating content people will love and that supports fellow writers, and about making PCP bigger and better than ever. I sincerely hope you continue to join me on this journey – because it isn’t just ‘me’, it’s ‘us’.