Vincent O’Connor – Maybe There’s a Way to Live Forever

Maybe There’s a Way to Live Forever

according to some physicists
infinite versions of me roam
across infinite universes

bundles of subatomic particles
full of probability
and uncertainty

and all possible
are real

and each time I choose
between burritos and kale
both options play out

because God
does, indeed,
play dice with the universe

and when I’m reposing
in a sepulcher
in full decay

infinite versions of me
will be engaging
in infinite weird shit.



Vincent O’Connor works with computers for a living but writes for life.
Twitter: @Vince_Writes

One thought on “Vincent O’Connor – Maybe There’s a Way to Live Forever

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. The last line is a hoot. But seriously, when I was only eight years old my father asked if I could believe in a parallel universe. It’s fun to have an open mind. And it’s been fun reading this well-crafted poem.

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