Temporary Changes To Publication Schedule

Hi all,

This is a short note to let you know that due to editor illness, I will be changing the publication schedule for Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.

Instead of publishing at the end of the month every month, as of now, we will be working on an as-and-when basis. This means I’m not sure when the next issue will be released, as it all depends on my capacity to work. We might continue to publish on a monthly basis, or it might be more sporadic than that.

Hopefully this is just a temporary measure, but as I’m sure you understand, life does unfortunately get in the way sometimes and priorities need to be changed around a little. Magazine subscriptions will be paused and subscribers will be refunded for the upcoming magazine. Anthology submissions will still be looked at but we might not hit the October deadline for publication. We will just have to see how things go – I’ll keep you all updated as and when things change. Thanks for your patience!

~ Sam