Susie Gharib – Glaswegian Phantoms

Glaswegian Phantoms

I stand beneath the Autumn tree
that shades the entrance to our apartmented building
and see the spires of a city across the seas.

My tongue is numb with the bitterness of years.
A breeze that is severing agitated leaves
reshuffles the order of my inner visions.

I breathe.

I roam those roads and matted streets.
No tongues to whip my thoughts
or my very short sleeves.
No teeth to bite into my inward ease.
No sleaze.

I clamber my way to the Celtic peak.
Those monuments that enfold the long-deceased
look now more alive than my own natives.



Susie Gharib is a university lecturer with a Ph.D. on the work of D.H. Lawrence. Her poetry, fiction, literary essays, and film reviews have appeared in forty-nine international magazines and journals such as the Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Brontë Studies, Adelaide, Scars Publications, Mad Swirl, The Ink Pantry, Impspired Magazine, The Opiate, Peeking Cat, and Cinematic Codes Review.

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