Susie Gharib – Dainty


My finicky ways have left indelible marks
on most of those who have befriended me.
My bars of soap face early demise,
my skin eroded with so much lathering.
My sedulous care in observing what looks
I daily wear to the public,
my meticulous attire,
my conspicuous assortment
have won me the epithet dainty.

But dainty connotes a wealth of associations
that are inclined to describe a weakling,
a fragile being with distinct frailties
who in Victorian times easily fainted.
Yet dainty is the body of a taper
that holds steadfast in a worshipper’s heart,
the stalk of a flower that carries
the gold with which to woo a bride,
the neck of a swan that intertwines
with that of a monogamous knight.


Susie Gharib is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde with
a PhD on the work of D.H. Lawrence. Her poetry and fiction have
appeared in multiple venues including The Pennsylvania Literary
Journal, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Scars Publications, The Ink
Pantry, The Opiate, Mad Swirl, Impspired Magazine, Amethyst Review,
The Pinyon Review, Synchronized Chaos, the New English Review,
Miller’s Pond Poetry Magazine, Westward Quarterly, Leaves of Ink,
Crossways, Grey Sparrow Journal, and Peeking Cat.

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