Scott Thomas Outlar

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Let the birds take my pen –
they have more to say now than I.

Let them sing about the storms they brave
and each turning of the season.

Let the sky swallow my tongue –
it has seen more than my eyes ever will.

Let it speak about the wars it has resided over
and the ages of peace where all seemed calm.

Let the wind hold my breath –
it has traveled distances I can hardly fathom.

Let it blow with the breeze to islands unexplored
and fill tired lungs with new gasps of expansion.

Let the gods steal my heart –
they know the power of love much greater.

Let them weep and howl, let them scream and dance
and teach of a truth that never wanders astray.

Salvaged Thorns

I found this hat in the fast lane
smashed and stained by a thousand tires

all it takes is one safe rain
to wash away the years

and you can wear it as a crown

I found this heart in the gutter
stitches torn from violent weather

if I sew its threads to golden shine
and sing for you

I hope you’ll treat it better
than I long did my own

I found this orange in the garden
sweetest sugar of the season

liquid sunshine still craves a storm
to kiss deep roots in winter

those eyes speak tales of feasting

Slow Dissolve

You can’t teach new notes to a finished song
years taste hollow like another melted toffee
one scoop of sugar to spike your coffee
it’s enough to brave a storm without eyes

You can’t come clean living in a vacuum
dust piled high atop unread books
sacrifice your pawns but save the rooks
they know best how to move straight ahead

You can’t grease palms with a crown of thorns
masks save face on well-worn hands
planting stored seeds using makeshift plans
it’s enough to soothe the fields through winter

Scott Thomas Outlar lives and writes in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He hosts the site where links to his published poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, reviews, live events, and books can be found. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. His latest book, Abstract Visions of Light, was released in 2018 through Alien Buddha Press.

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