Roberta “Bobby” Santlofer – Wired Spaces

Wired Spaces

Conversations across telephone wires
Tangling words & feelings
Nothing but cat’s play—
But my cat frolics over tangled strings;
I don’t.

Hanging on such talks
Twists my insides
My feelings aching from being laid out
On a procrastinated bed

Wired spaces are such narrow connections

Through straighter wire
Changes some

But only retracting it all
Returns me to the self I was
Before that telephone call



Roberta “Bobby” Santlofer (1943-2020) was a mother of sons, an avid reader, and a poet. A posthumous collection of her poetry is forthcoming. Santlofer’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in GargoylePhiladelphia StoriesGrey Sparrow Review, and elsewhere. 

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