Ramesh Dohan – Grandmother’s Kitchen

Grandmother’s Kitchen

Held the spoon that fed me
A pound of pepper
Could buy her fame

Her dishes so curried
They amber the plates

She taught me to ladle
Myself full of food

These are the hands that seasoned
The first of every of my tastes

There is no returning to the cinnamon
Toast-scented school mornings.



Ramesh Dohan hails from the city of Toronto. He earned a BA from the University of British Columbia. His poetry often slips into quirky, tender, or profound observation on the everyday, reading and writing, and poetry itself. He has also seen his poetry published in several literary journals including  South Ocean Review (2007), Osprey Journal (2008), Boston Literary Magazine (2011), Ascent Aspirations (2011), Bywords Journal (2012), Allegro Poetry Review (2015), and VerseWrights (2015), among others.

One thought on “Ramesh Dohan – Grandmother’s Kitchen

  1. Ramesh, I like how you developed this poem from the cradle through young adulthood. Grandmother was there, so present in your life that even the kitchen savors remind you of her. This is a delightful poem.

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