Phil Huffy

Photog 101

Those photos made of receding snow,
back in the day,
with a balky SLR
and in the campus darkroom

were as black and white
as could be artfully expressed,
with crystalline textures
and grass revealed in murky tones,

then briefly exhibited
to the rest of the class,
graded a “B” and taken down
to become long discarded,

and since only the negatives survive,
those are held in attic window light,
revealing little of their promise
but enough for the artist to ponder briefly,

thereafter deciding they should stay
in their current archived location
as a fitting monument
to youthful exploration.



Phil Huffy had a long career doing something else.  Now, he writes all manner of short poems at his kitchen table in upstate New York, USA. His work has appeared in dozens of literary publications.