Peeking Cat Perspectives – May 2017

Hi all! Here is May’s Peeking Cat Perspectives. Here’s how it works:

1. Take a look at the image below and write something inspired about it. It can be a poem, prose, or just a few lines.
2. Submit your writing by commenting on this blog post. All posts are moderated just so that we don’t get any spam, so they might not appear straight away.
3. You might want to avoid looking at other people’s responses before you write your own, so that you’re not influenced by them. We want to get as many diverse pieces of writing as possible!

There is more information about Peeking Cat Perspectives here. I’m interested to see how art influences each of us differently! Where is this place? Who is in the balloons and where will they land? Who is inside the lighthouse? Tell us.

2 thoughts on “Peeking Cat Perspectives – May 2017

  1. Over the Sea

    We were three
    snuggled in baskets
    with a view
    and the rhythmic
    pulse of hot air
    and the predictable
    lapping waves
    and the winking light
    wished us a fair
    bon voyage.

  2. The Lighthouse Worker

    Rainbow balloons rise
    against soft blue skies.
    So few clouds today…
    As the privileged few glide by
    above the ocean,
    I sigh from my lighthouse post.
    Against soft blue skies,
    rainbow balloons rise.
    Will I ever have a turn?
    I sigh from my lighthouse post
    above the ocean
    as the privileged few glide by.
    So few clouds today!

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