Peeking Cat Perspectives – April 2017

Hi all! Here is April’s Peeking Cat Perspectives. Here’s how it works:

1. Take a look at the image below and write something inspired about it. It can be a poem, prose, or just a few lines.
2. Submit your writing by commenting on this blog post. All posts are moderated just so that we don’t get any spam, so they might not appear straight away.
3. You might want to avoid looking at other people’s responses before you write your own, so that you’re not influenced by them. We want to get as many diverse pieces of writing as possible!

There is more information about Peeking Cat Perspectives here. I’m interested to see how differently art influences each of us! Who lives in this house? Where is it? Is it as isolated as it looks? Beautiful or haunting? Tell us.


One thought on “Peeking Cat Perspectives – April 2017

  1. As We Looked at Real Estate Sites
    by Lisa Stice

    one of these days you say
    I sigh and say yes although
    that house with a garden

    seems so far away from
    potted plants scattered around
    this rented yard one of these days

    you say we will load terracotta
    rooted flowers and herbs
    onto a moving van one last time

    and one of these days you say
    we’ll let all those plants stretch
    their roots in stagnant ground

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