Peeking Cat Anthology 2017 Online Book Launch Roundup!

Hello all! As promised, here is a roundup of events from our first ever online book launch! The launch took place on Sunday 15th October for two hours, and it featured interviews, competitions, and more to celebrate the launch of Peeking Cat Anthology 2017! If you missed the event, don’t worry because not only is everything on the Facebook page, but I’ve put together a summary of everything that happened, right here.


We kicked off with a video introducing the event and detailing everything you need to know about the new anthology. We also used the thread on the Facebook page as a place for everyone to let us know they were here, so we had a lovely sense of community right from the start.

Writer Interviews

Throughout the evening, we shared interviews on the blog from writers appearing in the anthology. There was plenty of chatter in the comments on both the Facebook page and on some of the interview pages. Here is the full list of interviews from our anthology contributors:

Kersten Christianson
Elizabeth Gibson
Sanjeev Sethi
Ken Allan Dronsfield
Dimitri Reyes
Gaynor Kane
David Attree
Katie Lewington
Lisa Stice
Julie Sampson
Scott Thomas Outlar
Liz Mann
Jake Tringali
Claire Sexton
Eric Robert Nolan
Daginne Aignend

T-shirt Competition

In between the writer interviews we had more videos, the next one being the first of our competitions. The task was to write a rhyming couplet on the subject of cats, for the chance to win a Peeking Cat Poetry t-shirt! Participants had just twenty minutes to send in their entries.

We had some great entries, but the winner was David Attree with his couplet:

Another lovely T-shirt for my cat to “love” then claw?
I’d really love to win it. So would she. She just WANTS MORE!!

Poetry Reading #1

After that we had our first poetry reading video, starring Scott Thomas Outlar, James W. Gaynor and Jake Tringali:


The Q&A with the editor was next – a slightly longer than anticipated video answering a few questions about Peeking Cat Poetry, our sister magazine The Creative Truth, and what it’s like studying for an MA.

Poetry Reading #2

Our second poetry reading video starred David Attree, Lisa Stice, Kim M. Russell, Liz Mann, and Eric Robert Nolan.

Paperback Competition

Our second competition was to win a signed paperback copy of the anthology! This time we wanted a rhyming couplet about books.

The winning couplet was written by Liz Mann:

Novel or poem, I don’t care for which,
A day without reading makes me start to twitch!

Thank You For Coming!

We finished off the evening with a quick video to thank everyone for coming, chatting and participating. Thank you too, dear reader, for stopping by to see what our event was all about.¬† The book launch was a great success, and I hope you enjoy the anthology if you have bought it. (If you haven’t got your copy, all the links are on this page.) See you again at next year’s event?!

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  1. I appreciate the format. Readings by the poets. What fun, even for a guy like me, who prefers reading by himself to public readings.

    Chuck Taylor

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