Peeking Cat 40 Out Now!

Peeking Cat 40 is now available in print! It features all the poems and prose published on the Peeking Cat Literary website from October 2020 to September 2021 – that’s 64 writers and 109 pages of wonderful writing!

Our gorgeous front cover photo was taken by Beverly M. Collins, and there’s another peeking cutie inside, courtesy of Kim Russell.

The book is now available in paperback on Lulu, and will be on Amazon and other online bookshops in a few weeks.

Here is the list of authors in the book:

Annette Marie Smith
Carol Louise Moon
Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon
D.S. Maolalai
Dane Karnick
David Flynn
Diane Puterbaugh
Dion O’Reilly
Eric Robert Nolan
Gary Metheny
Gregory E. Lucas
Guy Biederman
John Anthony Fingleton
John Grochalski
John Short
Kate Neilson
Kathryn Atwood
Ken Allan Dronsfield
Kenneth Pobo
Kersten Christianson
Kim M. Russell
Leah Holbrook Sackett
Leah Miller
Lisa Molina
Lisa Stice
Michael Lee Johnson
Michael T. Smith
Miki Byrne
Miriam Steinbach
Nwankwo Prosper O
Sammi Cox
Sarah Wallis
Simon Perchik
Susie Gharib
Vincent O’Connor
William Doreski
Yash Seyedbagheri
Amy Nocton
Beverly M. Collins
Claire Niederberger
Daniel Miess
DF Parizeau
Diana Raab
Duan Daemon
Eamonn Shanahan
Jeff Burt
Jeremy Platt
Jim Woessner
Joan McNerney
Jordan Hunt
Julian Grant
Ken Gosse
Lisa Reily
Malkeet Kaur
Mark Danowsky
Mark Niedzwiedz
Neil Fulwood
Peggy Hammond
Ramesh Dohan
Rebecca Ross
Richard Rose
Robert Halleck
Russell Willis
Zach Beach

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