David Flynn

After Three Years of Marriage I fear with you:Grinding sounds from the future;sloshing from the past.I fear with youthat you might yawn,that your attention might turn toward a laugh.I fear with you,and you fear with me,that I might like a hill better,or a pool.We hold hands,in love,walking rapidly.   BioDavid Flynn’s literary publications total more […]

Kathryn Atwood

Deer in the Graveyard at 16th Street Two creatures fly silent between the still stones;heads back, eyes wide, hooves touching down madly, surely,swifter than the wind or death, who hunts them,tail twitching, nose to the earth.    Bio Kathryn Atwood is the author of four young adult collective biographies for the Chicago Review Press. Her poetry has […]

Michael T. Smith

Scrambled Eggs I thought today of scrambled eggs,of cooking them on the right amount of heatI thought today of that white skillet — so hard to see —with the oil soaking them subtly. I thought today of salt and pepper, a hail of seasoning, making a Ben Day painting of my eggs, one of texture […]

Dane Karnick

Commonplace Beyond the welcome matThe north living room wallIs a charred memory Through its spacious showOf eviscerated lumberStill whip-cracking the years For Las Vegas parentsWho relax on the couchNext to the blistered wood Honoring birthdays orCelebrating school sportsWith commemorated smoke Inhaled around homeworkAnd breathed through seasonsAround chopping potatoes Since this house embraced fireLike a young […]

John Anthony Fingleton

In contrast with shadows The shadows cannot find you now,Or pain to tease your soul,The earth has consummated you in death.The cold wind that hunted you,To cut you to the bone;Has now to turn back upon itself. I hope the lake retained its stillness?It did the last time I was there;When I ran with breaded […]

Kate Neilson

Waves It comes in waves – the grief and pain. The loss of our imagined future now forever relegated to the confines of my fantasy world. The multitude of exploits I was so sure we were destined to share, remain unrealised. The Sunday afternoon walks we won’t do, the unbought gifts, the selfies with my […]

Beverly M. Collins

Oh Dear! “My feet have hiccups.” she said.I was not sure I wanted to hold a visionof that. I didn’t want to contemplatewhat feet could choke or Reflux on.Oh well… Wait a minute! Where would the stomach of afoot be located? There I was “thinking” about it.I tried not to. She was not seated in […]

Issue 39 Out Now!

The print issue for summer 2019 is now available! It features all of the poems posted on Peeking Cat from April to June 2019 – that’s 53 pages of great writing. Get your copy of the summer issue here!

Ann Privateer

Memorial Seated, listening to musicWe hold hands, palm to palmFingers intertwined We become a conduitYour energy flowing into mineFrom this place, this spot I wonder if you feel it tooBut dare not ask or moveOr change this moment.    Bio:Ann Privateer is a retired teacher who writes poetry, paints, and gardens. Her poems have appeared […]

Tracy Houser

Eggshell If my shell splinters or cracklesSpiderwebs into tiny minuscule piecesAny furtherMy contents will emergeSplatter melt tumble aloftThe rubble that’s leftMemories of me scattered onto the floor   Bio Tracy Houser has written poetry and short stories much of her life and has always dreamed of publishing. She is from Oklahoma and lives in the […]