Nwankwo Prosper O – thanatology


to burials and funereals\—i turn up\—a  palpable psychopomp\— skinbound in ghost-outfits\ —deathbound\—in a language escorting expired shadows\— of flesh & blood in my breath\ in silence\ i become  a gravedancer or thanatologist\— speaking the grave accent\ cohering the living \—with prayer bumps frequented by ghosts\ i palpate thanatographies  as my death-assemblage



Nwankwo Prosper O is a happy-ish Nigerian writer, poet & painter. Prosper seeks reunion through the accents of poetry that x-rays existentialism, ruins, sensuality and humanity.  Some of his works have been featured or forthcoming in EroGospel, Praxis, Akuko, Palatte Poetry, The Giant Pen, The Anthology of Boys Are Not Stones,  The Quills and elsewhere. His MelSang personality dictates his hobbies through a plethora of things he loves unknowing in the music of silence. Prosper can be reached via: shielddwillz1@gmail.com.

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