Neil Fulwood – Fit For Purpose

Fit For Purpose

Compression, he said, speaking of mechanics
and half-suspicious even then that I’d go and apply it
to poetry. I wonder did he have an inkling
that I’d never quite master it, the art of compression –
that I’d always get carried away by the length of a line,
the sound and rhythm and flow of the words,
the self-indulgence they’d spark in me, the casting
and reeling in of them, their ebb and flow,
that I’d write poems for their own sake
not caring if they were fit for purpose.



Neil Fulwood was born in Nottingham, England, where he still lives and works. He has published two pamphlets with The Black Light Engine Room Press, Numbers Stations and The Little Book of Forced Calm; and two full collections with Shoestring Press, No Avoiding It and Can’t Take Me Anywhere. His third collection, Service Cancelled, is due for publication later this year. 

One thought on “Neil Fulwood – Fit For Purpose

  1. Oh, I love this Neil. Isn’t this an ekphrasis, a poem about writing poetry? Well-done. I like the phrase “the self-indulgence they’d spark in me.”

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