Miriam Steinbach – Fickle F

Fickle F

I always find you in the basement, F
Feasting on crooked shadows.
Your hooked spine floats above your feet,
spinning frantically in framed heat

A forest dance.
A fire song.

Sweat finds fortitude on your brow,
you wear must like perfume.

Fraud, Feeble, Foul,
Freak, Flirt, Failure.


Each fistful of words a spiked club
swinging for my ribs.
You open your mouth to speak
fiction into me.



Miriam Steinbach is creative of all sorts based in Salem, OR, USA. She is currently enrolled at Corban University and is working for her Bachelor of Arts in English Communication. While poetry is her main creative medium, she also enjoys songwriting, playing cello, drawing, and designing. Miriam hopes to write, design, and illustrate her very own book of poetry someday, but for now, she sticks to posting her work on her poetry Instagram account (@baldmilk).

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