Kim M. Russell – A String of Pigeons

A String of Pigeons

I count them on the power line:
one, two, three, four, five pigeons,
plump, grey, grumbling curmudgeons,
with the occasional coyish coo
that helped me through
a pandemic void of company,
a string of them, comical and pearly.
Just before sunset,
a window in the tumbling cloud,
accompanied by a loud
clap of wings, they explode
like fireworks that have lost their sparks
into the fading light,
their feathers whistling in flight.



Kim M. Russell has been writing poetry since she was a schoolgirl but only began submitting to competitions and anthologies when she retired from teaching in 2014. Her poems have been published on-line, by Visual Verse, Dust Poetry Magazine and The Ekphrastic Review, among others, and in print: Afflatus Magazine, River Writes (Bure Navigation Conservation Trust), Anthology of Aunts and Second Place Rosette (Emma Press), the dVerse Anthology Chiaroscuro – Darkness and Light, Peeking Cat Anthologies 2017 and 2018, and Field Work (UEA Publishing Project with Kunsthalle Cromer). She lives in East Anglia between the North Sea coast and the Norfolk Broads, with her husband and two cats.

2 thoughts on “Kim M. Russell – A String of Pigeons

  1. Love this. As the mom to a cast off days old pigeon, who also kept me company through a difficult time, this brings back fond memories. Thank you.

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