Kenneth Pobo – Two Poems

Dulcet’s Still Life

We talk on his porch
about cars backfiring,

organ music, and kidney stones.
Fresh lemonade sweats

in glasses he inherited
from his grandmother.

A bowl of peaches teases
Cezanne out of the grave.

Dulcet Tones And Proof

In Geometry class, shapes keep numbers
in their pockets. I didn’t know how easily
numbers can explode. Mr. Grotier

in brown hushpuppies says I need
to prove that a triangle is a triangle.
I can’t prove most of what I love.

A magenta aviary has colorful birds
under my eyelids. Mr. Grotier believes in
Side Side Side. I’m beside myself, a perch

dreaming up lily pads to swim under.
My yellow flower head looks up at rowboats.
A trapezoid sun leads me to a sandbar where

a pine calls an eagle to it. Intuition
is the last step of my proof. He asks am I crazy?
I don’t know. I’ll ask the pine.



Kenneth Pobo won the Moonstone Arts chapbook contest. They published it in August 2020. Forthcoming from Assure Press is his book called Uneven Steven.

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