Ken Gosse – Prime Rhyme

Prime Rhyme

Not all rhyme can be sublime
and rhyme abused may be a crime,
but rhyme confused is just subprime
which means that one should take the time
to find the words which will not fit
and tweak them just a little bit,
though sometimes you must break their bones
to show the poem proves it owns
the words, their meaning and their sound
until, at last, they’ve come around
for words which can’t take some abuse
are words which really aren’t much use,
and I’d much rather break a word
than write sounds which should not be heard.



Ken Gosse usually writes short, rhymed verse using whimsy and humor in traditional meters. First published in First Literary Review–East in November 2016, since then in The Offbeat, Pure Slush, Parody, Home Planet News Online, Sparks of Calliope and others. Raised in the Chicago, Illinois, suburbs, now retired, he and his wife have lived in Mesa, AZ, over twenty years.

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