Gregory E. Lucas – A Child Reading

A Child Reading

Through a window to which the frost still clings,
he looked upon a stormy winter scene,
and soon appeared a little girl and spring.

So still, so quiet, over a book she leaned,
and though the sky was dark, the fields gray-white,
the peach of her unblemished face, the green

buds and pink roses on her blouse shone bright.
Serene, on some plum colored cushions, she sat,
turning pages softly, by a fire’s light.

To dispel illusions, he lifted a latch,
yet even as he opened the window wide,
she was there, the wondrous book on her lap,

her unreal presence too real to be denied —
her spirit overlaying the barren trees,
the spirit of one he’d loved, but who had died.

On her face, firelight forever gleams
and glosses pages she turns throughout his dreams.



Gregory E. Lucas writes fiction and poetry. His short stories and poems have appeared in magazines such as The Ekphrastic Review, Ekphrasis, The Literary Hatchet, Blueline, and The Horror Zine. Some of his poems have also appeared in past issues of Peeking Cat.

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