George Anderson

4 Leaf Clovers

At the backdoor
I wear ice skates
shiny blue pants
with white stripes
red socks strapped
to each thigh &
protective pads.

I kick at the door
You are by the wood
stove chopping kindling
the kitchen smells good
of apple pie and I listen
to the crackling fire as
you tug off my right skate
and then the other.

In my head
I’m still in the park
speeding past
the awkwardly mobile
deking the goalie
out of the net
& flipping the puck
into the top corner.

My father sits at the table
reading the Star. He grunts
unaware that his life is about
to change forever
unaware that his life
of careful construction
will soon come
tumbling down.

Before entering the house
I knock the snow from my skates.
My feet are frozen. I want to sit by
the fire and listen to you tell me again
how you found that miraculous
bunch of 4 leaf clovers in the park

that last summer before you died.


George Anderson grew up in Montreal and migrated to Australia in his early 20s. He has taught English in public schools for over thirty years and is long-term blogger and reviewer of alternative small press books at BOLD MONKEY. Recent or forthcoming chapbooks include Teaching My Computer Irony (Punk Chapbook Series Epic Rites Press), Shark in the Shallows (Analogue Submission Press) and F/wits & Angels (Holy & Intoxicated Publications).