Diane Puterbaugh – Night Sky from the Farmer’s Market

Night Sky from the Farmer’s Market

Drive the back way home he told me
I forgot, so we turned down a side street to
get to a side street to get to the back way
home, because he wanted me to see fuchsia
azaleas blooming in a neighbor’s yard that
were so fabulously fuchsia-y

In the trunk was a hanging basket of
petunias with new fangled paint splattered
blossoms called Night Sky, so maybe I
could grow a constellation all my own

We bought the night sky after sharing
doughnuts drenched in blackberry
cream so dark it looked like heaven and
tasted like it, too, and I looked at him and
knew we were in a constellation all our own


Dear Anne Marie,

Your dad and I went to the farmer’s market Saturday morning. We bought a beautiful, huge petunia. The variety is aptly named Night Sky, as the flowers are a deep purple with white flecks that mimic the stars at midnight. Or perhaps the white is splattered paint as if Jackson Pollock
visited a garden center.

On Sunday we saw a triple rainbow, though one was very faint. I thought of you there in Hawaii, the girl in the land of rainbows. Remember here in Tennessee we can’t take rainbows for granted.

Please know I don’t take you for granted either and wish you wishes on all the stars splattered on
every petal of night sky.




Diane Puterbaugh is a running, gardening and day dreaming enthusiast living in Jackson, TN. She is a member of her local writing group and has poems on the sites Visitant Lit and Poetry Super Highway.

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  1. You know I am not a poet but I truly loved this. I closed my eyes and I could visualize the beautiful picture you painted with your words. Thank you for sharing your poem with me.

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