David Flynn

After Three Years of Marriage

I fear with you:
Grinding sounds from the future;
sloshing from the past.
I fear with you
that you might yawn,
that your attention might turn toward a laugh.
I fear with you,
and you fear with me,
that I might like a hill better,
or a pool.
We hold hands,
in love,
walking rapidly.


David Flynn’s literary publications total more than two hundred.  His background includes reporter for a daily newspaper, editor of a commercial magazine, and teacher. He is director of an all-day Nashville blues festival, the Musicians Reunion, now in its 36th year.

One thought on “David Flynn

  1. Oh Boy, good kind of tension here in this poem, literarily speaking. I relate to this more as a young person in love, which I am not young. This brings back memories… well written poem.

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