Coming Soon: Peeking Cat Perspectives

Hello all! I’m writing today to talk to you about a new feature I’m considering adding to the website: Peeking Cat Perspectives. This is just something for fun, and it involves one image and a whole lot of poems and prose!

The idea is that every month I will post one new image on the blog, and invite everyone to write something inspired by the image. I think it will be really interesting to see how many different ways an image can be interpreted, and the different ideas and meanings people get from the image. How differently do our creative minds work? Let’s find out!

All you need to do in order to take part is have a look at the latest image and submit your response to it by commenting on that blog post. Whether it’s a few lines or a short story, poetry or prose – anything goes! Comments are moderated just to ensure we don’t get any spam or anything like that, but I’ll try to do this as quickly as possible. You might want to refrain from reading other people’s responses before you write your own so that they don’t influence you – we want this to be as diverse as possible! And if there is anything in particular that you think influences the way you interpret the image – for example your line of work, where you live, or an experience you had, feel free to mention it!

Please note that this is separate to the magazine, but if you end up writing something you love and that you’d like to submit to the magazine as well, please go ahead (but bear in mind we don’t print images in the magazine so if you do this, the image won’t appear alongside your poem in the magazine). What do you think – shall we give it a go?

I’ll be posting the first image in the next few days, so keep an eye on Twitter or Facebook for updates!