Chad W. Lutz – in a jar with some grass

in a jar with some grass

Lion’s Club Awards
Little League All-Star Teams
Honorable Mentions

that time
you graduated
best in DARE

the other time
you wrote
Bill Clinton

Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree
High School Diploma

that marathon record
you still hold

your first published book

live with your parents


drive a fuel-efficient car


read some books on Gender
travel to the Smokey Mountains
& get upset when no one cares

larvae morph into things
we romanticize

can a person do the same?
can they do it more than once?

Gas in the Tank
Food on the Table
Bills Paid

these become
the warning signs
getting there was half the cost



Chad W. Lutz is a speedy, bipolar, non-binary writer born in Akron, Ohio, in 1986, and raised in the neighboring suburb of Stow. They graduated from Kent State University with their BA in English in 2008 and from Mills College in Oakland, California, with their MFA in Creative Writing in 2018. Their first book, For the Time Being, is currently available through J. New Books.

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