How to Get Published in a Literary Magazine

The below is the transcript of a talk given on the Wisdom app. You can listen to it on the Wisdom website or app here. It can also be found on the Speaking Cat podcast.   Transcript  Hey everybody, as my first proper talk today, I thought let’s get right into it. I’ve got my […]

How To Keep Up A Daily Writing Practise

Sometimes I like to write blog posts about how to do things that I myself am not necessarily very good at. Today is one of those days. It’s November, and every November (or hopefully every October if I’m a little more prepared) I ask myself the question: Will I do NaNoWriMo this year?

What’s Your Local Library Like?

I recently visited my local library for the first time in many years. I wrote some short prose about it here (also includes poached eggs and being approached by a creepy guy). The library felt the same in some ways, but very different in others. It struck me how sparse it seemed – it wasn’t the wonderland […]

Call Yourself A Writer? Here’s Why You Should

This blog has been written to give you one piece of advice today: call yourself a writer. It took me a while to learn this myself, perhaps because there are some misconceptions about what a ‘real writer’ is. Tell someone you are a writer and they might say “have you been published?” or “might I […]