Donna Dallas – A Violet Sky

A Violet Sky It means a turbulent night it means there’s no asking God to level us outwe’ve gone so far off the charts and he’s gone dark on us This happened before in Sodom and Gomorrahback then the sky was lava redthey knew it would all go to shitwe dig up their stone entombed […]

Andy Eycott – Born of the earth

Born of the earth He showed me how to use a trowel,eager shadow of me, belt high. The ancient wood of the handleworn, parched to splitting, ginger rust on the tangblack earth on the blade. I dropped seed after seedinto individual graves. With a squeeze or two of fine mistI tamped down the soil, soft […]

Luca Massimo Lombardo – The Catcher In The Rye

The Catcher In The Rye You wake up early in the morningand it’s already rainingcan’t even understand howand you find yourself in a crowded trainnice girls in their fancy tightsnewspapers talk about debts, markets, televisionit is too much.Someone is reading The Catcher In The Ryestill, there is hope. Bio Luca Massimo Lombardo: My name is […]

Niles Reddick – Chain, Chain, Chain

Chain, Chain, Chain             In the dream, I was called to a staff meeting. Hated to go because I imagined there would be announcements about more rules and regulations; changes to benefits, likely reductions in benefits, increased pricing for co-pays, or increased percentages we had to pay for procedures; or extended work hours required in […]

Ron Riekki – A Girl Texts Me Saying I’m Hot

            A Girl Texts Me Saying I’m Hot and I think about heat, about fevers and summer and stoves and global warming and campfires and saunas and love.  And afterwards, that night, cold bed, I realize that I’ve spent too much time in thought, that I should have swam to her, off this island, crossed […]

Cancer Scribblers Introductory Video

I’m launching a new series of webinars called Cancer Scribblers, designed to help people living with and after cancer, and caregivers, to get into writing, hone your craft and share your story in your own way! This first video aims to give you a flavour of what the webinars will be like and to introduce […]

Natascha Graham

Bio Raised simultaneously by David Bowie and Virginia Woolf, Natascha Graham writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry, as well as writing for stage and screen. She lives with her wife in a house full of sunshine on the east coast of England. Her play, How She Kills, was performed by The Mercury Theatre in August 2020 […]