John Tustin – Single Stone

Single Stone The waves shatter upon the stone.The stone that sits mightily In its dense superiority.The waves come and they come,These endless waves that are but many drops of waterComing together to butt upUpon this single stone.The water is endless. The waves come and come.The stone sits resolute in place. The waves shatter upon the […]

Thomas Elson – Red Napkin

The dinner – turkey, latkes, dressing, gravy, and my wife’s cauliflower and black olive salad – impeccably set upon a red tablecloth with white lace placemats – reminded me of the red cassock and white lace chasuble I had worn decades before as an altar boy at midnight Mass. Resting on the lace placemats were […]

Robert Beveridge – Godly Beings

Godly Beings so it’s a week later and I sit here with a bottle and a candle and think about how you used to make fun of me for my Southern Comfort and Diet Coke (no ice) while you did shots of Jack, and how we always ended up with your hair in a knot […]

Mark J. Mitchell – Day Ends

Day Ends Muscles, stretched and tiedby blind sea scouts are fighting with bones that have been dug upby clumsy archeologists. The sun is pattingthe bay goodnightright under its bridge.It comforts your body.   BioMark J. Mitchell was born in Chicago and grew up in southern California. His latest poetry collection, Roshi San Francisco, was just […]

Lori Cramer – Three Tiny Pieces

Omissions He never brought me home to meet his mother—or, for that matter, anyone in his family. Boys like him don’t end up with girls like me. Everybody knows that. But we chose to ignore the obvious, decided we’d play pretend for a little while. He feigned ignorance about the ones who’d preceded him, bad […]

Linda M. Crate – love your children

love your children i used to write poemsto the father i never met,used to wish to meet him onstars shooting through the skies;but he never showed hisface—i was told he was a monster,but in my mind he was simplyan angel whose wings were tornfrom his body in the jealousmaw of those who sought to shoothim […]