Wendy Freborg – Three Poems

INDOLENT   It’s not a word you want to hear at a performance review or at your child’s school but in a doctor’s office, describing your lymphoma, “Indolent” sounds strangely reassuring.     Centenarian   She buried her husband a generation ago, Her brother and sister ten years before. There were five at her last […]

Tenarevyč – F43.1

F43.1 all hands and a razor bent face round inside a mirror inside the eyes every other morning flustered flaccid and gaunt head chopped off by the edge of throat and uniform fit for choking only chattering always chattering to myself whilst shaving sharing only obscenities with other soldiers pulling too tight on the skin […]

Chad W. Lutz – in a jar with some grass

in a jar with some grass Lion’s Club AwardsLittle League All-Star TeamsHonorable Mentions that timeyou graduatedbest in DARE the other timeyou wroteBill Clinton Bachelor’s DegreeMaster’s DegreeHigh School Diploma that marathon recordyou still hold your first published book live with your parents ADVANTAGE! drive a fuel-efficient car ADVANTAGE! read some books on Gendertravel to the Smokey […]

D. Walsh Gilbert – open me carefully

open me carefully              after woman diving underwater with white dress, Engin Akyurt (Turkey) 2012 Although you hide in the ebb and flowof the pale tide when the moon has set,                                        […]

Thomas Zimmerman – Fellow Travelers

Fellow Travelers These sonnets, footnotes to the memoirs weconstruct in dreams, sustain us on the path,however brambled, stony, wind-lashed, bee-loud, wild-flowered it might be. We do the math:five beats, ten syllables, for fourteen lines.It’s walking, breathing, chanting, tapping beatson fingers or inside the mind, cool pinesor sun-struck eagles overhead, the bleatsof sheep, the cricket-chirp for […]

Robert Halleck – Bourbon Dark Sea

Bourbon Dark Sea I ignore the signthat says the beach closesat sunset as I sit on a rock with a half bottleof ginger ale toppedwith bourbon. Eveningmist cut by passing carlights gives a lambentglow to a sea rising andfalling in gentle waves.Tonight is mine. I amignoring all signs: noalcohol, no dogs, nofires. My shepherd isshadowed […]

Susie Gharib – Glaswegian Phantoms

Glaswegian Phantoms I stand beneath the Autumn treethat shades the entrance to our apartmented buildingand see the spires of a city across the seas. My tongue is numb with the bitterness of years.A breeze that is severing agitated leavesreshuffles the order of my inner visions. I breathe. I roam those roads and matted streets.No tongues […]

Dante Novario – Prayers to the Shower Drain

Bio Dante Novario is an internationally published writer who lives in Louisville, KY where he works as a therapist with special needs individuals. His writing has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Firewords Magazine, ANGLES, KAIROS, Thin Air Magazine, Still: The Journal, Ghost City Press, Jersey Devil Press, The River Magazine and others. His poetry […]

Troy Schoultz – Rock On

Rock On It’s ninety degrees in the VIP area which resemblesRecess for prisoners of war. My buddy of thirty years isAn alcoholic Peter Pan, torn, faded Iron Maiden shirtChain-smoking, two four packs of Milwaukee’s Best tall boys to the windAnd a twenty borrowed from me that I’ll never see change for.I’m worn down with a […]

Ben Nardolilli – Dissertation, Defenestration, and Defense

Dissertation, Defenestration, and Defense Engaging in dialogues with my walls,occasionally shouting at the shadows,who is the Socrates here, who is the Plato? There is humor, there is cleverness,there is a mind in the room that seemsto be the most pre-eminent one in creation Does it dare go outside, and spoilthe conversation between the echoes here?the […]