Robert Halleck – Two Poems

Unable To Locate Brent Carlin came into the 7-11 to buy a quart of milk.He showed me the program from our 40th reunion.My name—unable to locate. I guess I missed the emails. Well, you found me. It didn’t start out that way. I did the right things:Married the girl, raised our son—now in Florida,I cut […]

Peggy Hammond – Three Poems

Hand-Me-Downs Heirloom seeds still bloom brightin the garden, fill supper bowls and bellies before bedtime.Treasures handed down from a white-haired grannyin a worn cotton dress, thin ankle socks limp againstthe tops of ragged shoes, who once quilted alongsidewant and despair, stitched tears of joy and sorrowand a few family secrets into each Log Cabin, Star,and […]

Yash Seyedbagheri – Two Flash Fiction Pieces

(Click to enlarge) Bio Yash Seyedbagheri is a graduate of Colorado State University’s MFA fiction program. His stories, “Soon,”  “How To Be A Good Episcopalian,” and “Tales From A Communion Line,” have been nominated for Pushcarts. Yash’s work  has been published in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Write City Magazine, and Ariel Chart, among others.

Richard Rose – My Grandfather’s Allotment

My Grandfather’s Allotment My grandfather had an affinity with soil,he read it every bit as well as I might read a book.Heavy clay weighed upon his rust-hobbed boots along with loam beneath his graft-chipped fingernails,these features marked for me his manly signature.Flat cap, scuff-sleeved old tweed jacket, shirtopen at the neck, best forgotten old grey […]

Jeremy Platt – amateur narcissus

amateur narcissusradiatingthis puddle colours me in gentle raindrop wavesi’m beautifuli really am islands of sapphire sky and abandoned musicenter my mouth and ears like words and i can speak on reflectioni choose silence though oncewhen my head combusted with infantile starlit rhythmsi was a poet   Bio Jeremy Platt is based in the Lake District. […]

Lisa Molina – Saved

Saved Pink pulsatingwomb cordjoinsmotheranddaughtertogether. At birth,extra cord cellscollected,frozen, Saved. Graciously givento anunknownboy’scancer-riddenbody. Eleven years later,boy is nowpulsating withfresh pinkpure blood. Saved. The boyandthe girlbound togetherby theshared cordand blood. For eternity.Anonymously.   Bio Lisa Molina holds a BFA from the University of Texas. After teaching high school theatre and English, she served as Associate Publisher of […]

Zach Beach – Frost

Frost All a poet ever needsis a mountainand shallow streams. Inspiration can be found by simply touchingthe barren ground. The Earth speaks and the river sings. Look at what the bluebird brings. Twigs at a timewill build a home. We are built to sit and freely roam.   Bio Zach Beach, MA is an internationally […]

Malkeet Kaur – Dreams

Dreams These chevroned waves start fromthe mind, ending only there, myriadshapes moving as shadow puppets. There now an island alluring, a meremirage of a choppy sea; chaperonedapparitions for vespertine hours; desires waltzing on the inner palisades.Love lingers in the air as lust leavesthrough the secret doors and rusty hinges. And one day phantasm fizzle out […]

Jim Woessner – Innocent

Innocent It started as a wrong number, a chance encounter, totally innocent. A woman telephoned and asked for Joan. My ex-wife is named Joan, so I naturally assumed… But when I explained that Joan no longer lived here, the caller said she was looking for a different Joan. I told her I understood. For years […]

Nwankwo Prosper O – thanatology

thanatology to burials and funereals\—i turn up\—a  palpable psychopomp\— skinbound in ghost-outfits\ —deathbound\—in a language escorting expired shadows\— of flesh & blood in my breath\ in silence\ i become  a gravedancer or thanatologist\— speaking the grave accent\ cohering the living \—with prayer bumps frequented by ghosts\ i palpate thanatographies  as my death-assemblage   Bio Nwankwo […]