James Roberts

Cigarette Lift leafwith fingertip.Fill, roll, lick. Then flick, clickteeth and flintgrit. Flame bobs, quiverssteadiessits. Both held, one desiresthe othertouch it. So in turn, paper singesFor a second first.Then burns. Spark, cracklepaper crisped. Purse lipspull deepand the long exhale. You’re held,grounded.For that moment. Bus Ride in December Red dot needles.Outlines of masts on moortops. Rolls of […]

Foy Timms

The Indoor Winter He disappears behind the unspent rubble of the dayand a dimmed window.Fits his neck along a wooden paneland waits without waiting.He leans forward with his green eyes,swerving past morningrise and the slow wolf patterns of his thoughts.An indoor winter collects faces at the bar,ignoring his soon-to-be father eyes.The long brides take shape […]

Christopher John Eggett

Bio Christopher John Eggett is a writer from Cambridgeshire trying to live close to water. His work has appeared in Bone & Ink, Visual Verse and Burning House Press. He writes a literary newsletter, Etch To Their Own, every Friday and he’d love you to sign up to it. He tweets as @CJEggett – mostly about nice books he has bumped […]

Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah

At Heaven’s Gate: This is The Story We Harvest. my mother’s eyes are not hers i’m told they belong to babel she’s holding her tears in an hour glass she is wondering if this was the hour the lord said he was going to come a man set before the fusillade a man brought before […]

Ray Miller

Homily I’m at my daughter’s universityin the crime capital of the country,dressed like Jimmy Cagneyin a brown pin-striped suitand black trilby hat, sittingon top of the world. Vertiginously, I seek her outamongst the assembled subjects.I’m in the gods, she’s with the insectsbeetling with self-interest,blazoned epaulettes and edges –at £45 for afternoon hiremy uneducated guess is. […]