Kayleigh Campbell

Christmas Dinner She exhales cigarette smoke, immediately full of regret that she didn’t keep it a while longer, as he spits venom at her, his eyes dressed for a fight. She watches the glimmer of lightsin the steamed up window,from the tree in the kitchen, unopened presents underneath;he doesn’t want to talk anymore.Her head hurts […]

Kenneth Pobo

An Accident Raylene met Skip in high school, thought he was cool, despite a rumor that he had killed his cousin Lena. Oh well, surely it was an accident. He wouldn’t turn violent, would he? They married when she was 20, he 21. It’s been crummy, she thinks, but fears it’s probably worse alone— like […]

John Grey

Cross This Field Yes, I’ve loved many women,crossed many fields,mourned entire families of the dead,and broken lots of toothpicksthat did duty after meals. I’ve been integral to placesor merely an observer, watching,waiting, in love, out of love,crossing fields because the breeze,the fluttering grass, seemed likethe quickest route to peace. And these eyes have shed bucketsfor […]

Charles Rammelkamp

The Lady with the Dog “…the most complicated and difficult part of their journey was just beginning.” Single ladies of a certain age –Cass and Anne and Sandy and Liz,widows, divorcees, spinsters all –stroll around our neighborhood,their pooches on leashes,as if lifelines in hand,babytalking to their dogs as they go. Once Sandy told me she […]

William Doreski

Photo Shoot Fresh architectural eruptionsspangle the city and tease youfor photographs gaudy enoughto render their planes of coloras two-dimensional artworksmuseums could hang on their walls.You’ve shown at MOMA and Met,but these postmodern expressionsdaunt your pragmatic technique. As your guide, I should warn youthat the low green enameled structurecontains the dullest bureaucrats,whose sighs lack romantic sorrow;while […]

Scott Thomas Outlar

Student Section Let the birds take my pen –they have more to say now than I. Let them sing about the storms they braveand each turning of the season. Let the sky swallow my tongue –it has seen more than my eyes ever will. Let it speak about the wars it has resided overand the […]