Issue 38 Out Now!

The print issue for spring 2019 is now available! It features all of the poems and flash fiction posted on Peeking Cat from January to March 2019 – that’s 88 pages of great writing. Get your copy of the spring issue here!

Rickey Rivers Jr

Old Hair Have you ever seen what old hair looks like?It looks…the same. Your left behind hair reminds me.It tortures me.It is always around, even after I’ve cleaned everywhere.Days later, I always rediscover.I’m always finding follicles.It is painful to discover them. Might you be purposely committing crimes, breaking and re-entering my heart?Oh, I do consider […]

John Son

The Tea House Let’s take things lightly.The lyric nailed to the door –softly the crystals falling on seventeenth streetdo their dance and die and are gone.Why not.Our days can be Broadway singalongs. The airy snap of refrigerated chocolate,the gossiping of earl grey.Step outside for a minute, let’s notleave the discussion open-ended. “It all works itself […]

James G. Piatt

Images on a Late Winter Afternoon I imagine I hear people in picture framesWhispering secrets across the room, I watch Redheaded woodpeckers startlingTimid sparrows near the bird feeder, I see shadows from sycamore trees casting oddVisions of past winters on rooftops, I observe pairs of Red Shouldered Hawks soaringHigh in the heavens unrestricted by earthly […]

Kathryn Atwood

Wind sharp as a switchblade raged in from the north,tried to loosen locks, break windows, and cut through coats.But it found few victims among the wise and wary(and was miffed by all the water pitched in its face)So it left in a huff, smacking streets with a flood. Bio Kathryn Atwood is the author of […]

Ifeoluwa Ayandele

Self-Portrait of a Mirror Before me, a lady runs a combthrough her hair, a bun of beauty;she draws closer to me & I, too, draw closer to her face.She stretches her knuckle to kick herface off my face: like a pothole, she cracks my face &blood punctuates her knuckle. Throughmy bruised face, I see how […]

Amirah Al- Wassif

A Courage Woman Boil The Bananas a courage woman boil the bananas and watches her people on Haiti mountainrun away behind her dreamwith curly hair and hidden pain she bribes the sun with her smileto dissolve the hot and murmured” Amen” a courage woman boil the bananasand never experienced its tastealways surrounded with tents and […]

David Anthony Sam

Age of Gold (after Rimbaud “Âge d’or”) Something very elseabove mein cherubic hazeexplains the greenness of my ten thousandquestions branchingwith theirrage and madness– a gilt sunriseof recognitions rising from icelike daffodil deceit. Clouds must voicetheir gilded silencein some roiling songof nimbus deception: one voice, one clarity,sister to my breathbut clear in herphilosophy of the unmeant. […]

Angel Edwards

Aftermath Fall out He doesn’t say a word the smile has left his eyes I grasp at words frantically Desperate to bridge the chasm between Sobbing as I try to explain My unfaithfulness shows I die inside hating myself I realize       He knows            he knows            he knows Bio Angel Edwards has performed […]

Emmanuel Ojeikhodion

Elegy for a dead home We no longer live in a world of mortals;We don’t do things like them again.Our homes are distinct – arms apart, body-decomposing, shadows-exhuming.We’re here; beneath the ground, dug up six feet at the backyard, sleeping on our cradle bed.We hear their scuffing feet approaching – hitting the boulder,clearing the shards […]