Carol Louise Moon

My Cameo Pin

            “White against a ruddy cliff
you stand, chalcedony on sard.”
THE CAMEO, Edna St. Vincent Millay

White against a ruddy cliff you stand
on a rock in the surf of the bay.  Time
has engraved this image of you.

A cameo pin sticks in a groove of my
heart.  Black is the ribbon which binds
up my throat—       Mother,

my friend, my medallion of life:  your
profile looks away. Though you are gone,
I see you still in chalcedony and sard.


Carol Louise is a Northern California poet published in many regional poetry journals including Sacramento Voices, and also in Ohio and Missouri. She is an editor, and poetry judge for several state poetry societies. She has been published in several Peeking Cat anthologies. When not composing poetry Carol Louise is busy doing standardized patient acting for several local universities.