Daniel Miess – Climate Change and The Death of Birds

Climate Change and The Death of Birds   last of kin inhale hot empty air        throat shrivels        no flying        ground littered with angel blue feathers      unsung songs at twilight ring from soundless beaks       dead forests buried in grief   above shriveled sky      children walk barren ground    old green memories give way to sand      sand stings […]

Creative Writing Webinars For Cancer Survivors

We are starting a new webinar series on creative writing! It will be aimed at cancer patients, survivors and caregivers who would like to write through their experiences. The series will include topics such as poetry, memoir, essays, blogging, body image, getting published and more. The series is still in the planning stages right now, […]

Daun Daemon – Bats

Bats Mama thought they were bats, the black specksthat swirled in the wintertime over the smokestackat the cotton mill beyond the railroad tracks An eight-year-old scientist, I stood fascinatedas I watched them swoop, rise, dip, twirl, and spread,shape shifting like faint faces in a cloud My sisters said they would get tangled in my hairor, […]

Joan McNerney – Night

Night Slides under door jambs,pouring through windows,painting my room black. This evening was spentwatching old movies.Song-and-dance actorslooping through gay,improbable plots. All my plates are put away,cups hanging on hooks.The towel is still moist. I blow out cinnamon candles,wafting the air with spice.Listening now to heatsputtering and dogs barking in winds. Storms pummel skeletal trees as […]

Ken Gosse – Prime Rhyme

Prime Rhyme Not all rhyme can be sublimeand rhyme abused may be a crime,but rhyme confused is just subprimewhich means that one should take the timeto find the words which will not fitand tweak them just a little bit,though sometimes you must break their bonesto show the poem proves it ownsthe words, their meaning and […]

Ramesh Dohan – Grandmother’s Kitchen

Grandmother’s Kitchen Held the spoon that fed meA pound of pepperCould buy her fame Her dishes so curriedThey amber the plates She taught me to ladleMyself full of food These are the hands that seasonedThe first of every of my tastes There is no returning to the cinnamonToast-scented school mornings.   Bio Ramesh Dohan hails from […]

Mark Niedzwiedz – Being Young, 21

Being Young, 21 Being young, 21, is everythingFor wisdom does not come with ageOnly tired bones and fadeAnd maturity means accustomed toThe crumbling of a once great temple, youInvisible now, featureless, facelessThat’s the rub of the wrinkly skinnedWho live in seaside towns, with mothballs twinnedAnd all this whilst the beautiful peopleRun like gazelles, screw like […]

Claire Niederberger – I’ve overcooked lunch

I’ve overcooked lunch The pasta is whispering to me that it’s done, but I don’t hear. I know the pasta whispers when it’s done, I really do. But I’m not paying it any mind, the sound isn’t wiggling the cilia in my ears. Or maybe it is, and I just don’t know. Do you think […]

Rebecca M Ross – Flawless

Flawless You werethe flawless ballerinawith a Lite-Brite life,pirouetting in arabesquein an open music box,twirling til the comb plucking the nubs on the drum slowed,til the key needed to be turned,while hundreds of colorful light-up pegs aligned in childhood perfection. Sock-clad, we glissaded acrossroasted chestnut-finished parquet floors, skipping over red kitchen tiles past the basket-lined wrought […]

Natascha Graham

Bio Raised simultaneously by David Bowie and Virginia Woolf, Natascha Graham writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry, as well as writing for stage and screen. She lives with her wife in a house full of sunshine on the east coast of England. Her play, How She Kills, was performed by The Mercury Theatre in August 2020 […]