Annette Marie Smith – Hemming, Hemming

Hemming, Hemming

The pointed wavelets of the sea
paper cut the starless sky
pull silver from the moon’s own beams
and thread themselves
like needles
hemming, hemming, any gleams.



Annette Marie Smith is a freelance journalist, author, artist, and poet. She’s the founder and curator of the international feminist project, Facing Feminism. Her articles have appeared in print throughout the United States and internationally and her poetry has been translated into German, French, and Italian. Her poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart prize and has been featured on the trains and buses of Minnesota’s Metro Transit. She’s performed as Featured Poet at the famed Spoken Word Paris, in Paris, France (and longs to do so again!). She is currently happily at work on a novel of magical realism.

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