Angel Edwards


Fall out

He doesn’t say a word

the smile has left his eyes

I grasp at words frantically

Desperate to bridge the chasm between

Sobbing as I try to explain

My unfaithfulness shows

I die inside hating myself

I realize

      He knows

           he knows

           he knows


Angel Edwards has performed music and poetry around the Vancouver area for the past 30+ years in bands and as a solo artist singer songwriter guitarist poet and owner of “The Angel Edwards Music” publishing company.

Her poetry songs and short stories have been published and performed on online radio stations and on numerous live stages.

Angel’s works have been published in many magazines  and newspapers in Canada,USA,Ireland,England,Serbia Africa

Two poetry books were published in 2018: “Tales in the Dreams Garden”, “Lust Unfiltered By Love” by “Silver Bow Publishing”.

Angel is a member of AFM VMA SOCAN BMI BC Federation of Writers and recent member of League of Canadian Poets.

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