Ada Pelonia


you ask,
why can’t people love me,
like me for who i am,
understand me the way
i do to others,
listen to what i say,
support me for the very least,
see my relevance,
& appreciate me?

someone says,
i’m here,
i’ll listen to what you have
buried in your heart /or
in your mind/
i’ll embrace you,
see past your flaws or
the names they’ve plastered
on your body,
just go near &
feel my warmth

despite the need,
regardless of how much
you want it,
“no, not you”


Ada Pelonia is a writer from the Philippines. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Royal Rose Magazine, The Brown Orient, Pulp Poets Press, and elsewhere. You may check some of her works on or her Twitter @_adawrites.