Lisa Stice – Dissection of an Owl Pellet

Dissection of an Owl Pellet Upon examination, we have foundthe owl swallowed the mouse whole. Here, the spine still connects to the skull,and the ribs surround an emptiness so small it is difficult to imagine lungs or heart, butwe know they were there at some point. My daughter draws a skeletal diagram—she stands the rodent […]

Miriam Steinbach – Fickle F

Fickle F I always find you in the basement, FFeasting on crooked shadows.Your hooked spine floats above your feet,spinning frantically in framed heat A forest dance.A fire song. Sweat finds fortitude on your brow,you wear must like perfume. Fraud, Feeble, Foul,Freak, Flirt, Failure. Failure.Failure.Failure. Each fistful of words a spiked clubswinging for my ribs.You open […]

df parizeau – curios ii

  Bio df parizeau is a Pushcart nominated, Scottish/French-Canadian editor/writer, who still has his wisdom teeth. Their work can be found in: Funicular Magazine, Chapter House Journal, perhappened mag, Rejection Letters, and Daybreaking Zine amongst others. Twitter: @belowtheeaves Website:

Russell Willis – Two Poems

Tabletop Musing Tracing the grain of a tabletop andstools lost in their past while recon-structing their time and imaginingthe angle of the saw cut and how old and how big and whether fel-led after a full life or that it was itstime because they needed to build this table and these stools just thentracing the […]

Eric Robert Nolan – The Rough, Violet Stone

The Rough, Violet Stone Life is too short for accord.Bestow to me, please,the heretic’s hectic direction,the rapt and the agitatedcompulsions of the outcast.For if he walks long enough alonethe pariah’s heart will ever ignite to fervid purposelike fire discovered by an exiled progenitor. Grant to me the ardent discernment of the lost— the faith that […]

Leah Miller – Smokers

Smokers 1. Tie, mango, train – three words with no apparent connection. The nurse tells me to remember them for later. I want to do well. These people have caused me a lot of trouble—four CAT scans, two biopsies, and a confirmation from the Mayo Clinic:  I don’t have lung cancer. But what about dementia, […]

Kenneth Pobo – Two Poems

Dulcet’s Still Life We talk on his porch about cars backfiring, organ music, and kidney stones. Fresh lemonade sweats in glasses he inherited from his grandmother. A bowl of peaches teases Cezanne out of the grave. Dulcet Tones And Proof In Geometry class, shapes keep numbers in their pockets. I didn’t know how easily numbers […]

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon – Summer in the Sixties: Slow Roads

Summer in the Sixties: Slow Roads Cooped upin our green Morris Minor.Eight long, sticky hours,Leicester to Merthyrfor our summer holidays. Mum baits Dad.Their tight voiceswhisper cross words.Gwyn grabs my book.It’s not fair.I hate boys,brothers worst of all. Stuck in a traffic jam,I need a wee.I wriggle and sweatour car crawls on. At long last, a […]

Carol Louise Moon – Death of a Pine

Death of a Pine The pine—at one moment seen asan inexhaustible life force—wasin the next moment seen sheddingits needles, bark and any senseof evergreen health. It had seemed to be a tower ofstrength against an ever-increasingdrought in a land which—in bettertimes—had seen heavy rains withabundant wild flowers and water grass. The pine, now rotted within, […]